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There is one thing that all organizations have in common: The goal to be successful. You can watch numerous Ted Talks and read countless books on leadership and communication development. However, will that make a company successful? No. 

Success can be defined in a variety of ways. Ultimately, it's about the partnership between employees and management and their ability to act upon the company's vision. The future is not just about productivity--it's about emotionally-strong employees. 

The found For Businesses

THE FOUND framework provides employees step-by-step training to build Emotionally-Strong Communication. Business leaders identify trust, loyalty and communication as key factors in success; Communication that specifically involves listening more and talking less. Companies provide training sessions from identifying sexual harassment to submitting expense reports, but very few include how to sustain healthy, interpersonal interactions in the workplace. Connection, loyalty and trust are created when experiences are shared, resulting in emotionally-strong, healthy employees. 


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