We work with businesses to create meaningful connection-spaces so employees can build lasting relationships with each other by creating trust and authenticity. Our business initiative helps provide the resources to offer all of our community events at no cost. 

The found For Businesses

Businesses who are carving out spaces for employees to learn how to connect with one another are using the programs available through our organization. In 2018, more businesses are starting to create spaces in their work environments which allow employees to talk to each other and share experiences.

We want to provide employees with the resources to feel comfortable sharing personal stories with one another. In addition, we will provide employees with step-by-step training on what to do if a co-worker identifies that he/she is living with a challenging life situation. As a society, we can't shy away from these discussions because we may feel uncomfortable. We can no longer hide behind our phones. Our co-workers are hurting and we need to have the confidence to disconnect from devices in order to see, hear and help someone in need.



Our Round Table discussions engage participants in a dialogue that boosts confidence and provides the tools to establish new and life-long connections. When you come to our Round Table discussions, we not only provide a social outlet, but an opportunity for learning how to engage in meaningful, productive discussions.

The purpose of these discussions is to empower us to have face-to-face interactions in the age of technology and social media. We want people to truly disconnect and see another human. Our hope is that these interactions will help us become less dependent on social media and recognize the importance of real not on-line relationships.

We believe our action plan needs to be implemented in our communities, schools and businesses. Please contact us using the form below to schedule a community Round Table discussion. 

Please contact us using the form below to schedule Round Table discussion for your business.

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