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The FOUND is more than a gathering of people. We are committed to redefining communication and deepening connection.

We are the what next to every self-help book that adorns your nightstand table. Our society is at a point in history where we have to take all this information and turn it into action.

So, what next? 


When you come to our round-table community discussions, we not only provide a social outlet, but an opportunity for learning how to engage in meaningful, productive discussions.

The purpose of these discussions is to teach us how to have face-to-face interactions in the age of technology and social media. We want people to truly disconnect and see another human. Our hope is that these interactions will help us become less dependent on social media and recognize the importance of real not on-line relationships.

We believe our action plan needs to be implemented in our communities, schools and businesses. Please join us and be a part of the movement.

Contact us to learn more.